Our mission: increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of parcel delivery by manned or autonomous vehicles.  Additionally, provide unsurpassed robotic systems for ecommerce warehouses.

  • Inability to utilize full warehouse  height without special structures or mezzanines.
  • ​Only handle small or light items.
  • Only handle items of a uniform size.
  • Require workers to pick or place goods onto shelving.
  • Unable to transfer goods to and from conveyors.

These are major limitations of present robotic systems:

ToroB robotic systems for parcel vehicles can be reconfigured to operate in warehouses, and do not have the limitations that are restricting wider adoption of robotics within this industry.

ToroB offers full automation of ecommerce package handling from the warehouse to the front porch.

Warehousing is rapidly changing driven by ecommerce growth.  The covid pandemic has greatly accelerated this growth as consumers moved more of their daily purchases onto the internet.

As a result, the warehousing industry is faced with severe labor shortages and rapidly rising wages.  This is compounded with a high turn-over of employees.

In response, the warehouse industry has been adopting robotics to address these pressures when possible.

Amazon, as the largest global ecommerce company, utilizes over 520,000 robots within its facilities.

Yet globally only about 5% of warehouses have robotic automation systems installed, due to the limitations of present systems.​​