OTHER AUTOMATION (Secondary Markets)


Proprietary mechatronic and guidance technologies that serve as interchangeable building blocks for ToroB primary and secondary product offerings.

Parcel Delivery Vehicle - Full loading and unloading; picking and storing while en route .

Vending - Vending machines for boxed electronic goods or other high value items.

Data Center - Installation, removal, and partial servicing of rackmount devices.

Stage One - Less-than-pallet-load goods handling: boxes, cases, and totes containing pieces.

Stage Two - Full and partial pallet loads.

Product solutions

ToroB is a startup that has developed a mobile robotic system for the picking, storing, and movement of goods within warehouses.  Utilizing bootstrap funding, ToroB has developed a prototype system that is superior to all other robotic systems in the automation of warehouse operations.

ToroB is seeking funding in order to finalize product development and launch sales.

Reduce operating expenses and increase the efficiency of warehouse distribution centers by selling and supporting proprietary mobile robotic systems that achieve a rapid return on investment.



Core technologies