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But Has Failed To Automate Most Order Fulfillment!


distribution fulfillment.  This development has yielded a robotic system that is efficient, durable, and which will provide rapid return on investment for customers.

The key to the effectiveness of the ToroB approach to robotics are highly efficient and flexible mechatronic systems  that can be tailored to service from small items up to full pallet loads.  These systems are apex solutions that will allow ToroB to lead warehouse automation for the next two decades and beyond.

The world has entered a new era for mobile robots.  This transformation is driven by a new generation of controllers and sensors, and of the software technologies that underpin them.  This revolution is readily visible in drones and in self-driving vehicles.

While important strides have been made in robots for warehouse automation, less than 1% of manual order fulfillment in the USA has been addressed by mobile robots.

ToroB has been conducting bootstrap funded development on a line of mobile robots for

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